We have the right tools and the right people to produce their food.

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Organic Products


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imagem Produtos Tradicionais

Conventional products

Enjoy a Graintek quality life. Our processes entrust and carefully watch the making of every food product until they arrive at your table, from breakfast to supper. Thus, it's always time to increase the quality of your meals. You can count on us.

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Work with us

We are always looking for talented people to work with us. If you would like to join our team, send us your curriculum.

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imagem Produtos Orgânicos

Organic products

Your life under control. Enjoy food with less chemical additives and less synthetic procedures, yet with great quality. The rigid control of our industrial proccess puts each of your meals under the lifestyle you want to live.

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Some Customers


imagem co-manufacturing

We are prepared for a vertical process of production using our ingredients to obtain high-quality final product, ready for consumption and may even filling it in retail form. We focus on production, you leverage your network marketing, its distribution logistics, and the strength of its brand. A perfect partnership to achieve economies of scale and profit maximization.

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imagem Processo industrial

Industrial Process

All cereals arriving in Graintek pass through processing for the safety of foods produced by removing any contaminants and allergens. Because so much care, Graintek sells supplies for the largest multinational companies in the country and overseas.

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imagem Certificação de produtos

Obtaining certification demonstrates that Graintek has a lot of care with the manufacture of its products. Following international standards, our industry strengthens its commitment to consumers and shows that management has an active control of food safety.

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